Customer engagement
and customer value

Acquisition, development strategies and loyalty programs; we manage all the components that enable to develop long term customer value.

Our Strategic Consulting, Design and Project Management teams, working together with the specialist Loyalty Company’s brands, conceive, build and manage highly effective, engaging and data-centric programs.

  • Acquisition programs (Prospect Relationship Management)
  • Lead nurturing
  • Cross and up selling programs
  • In-store traffic generation tactics
  • Customer engagement and loyalty solutions
  • Customer journey optimisation

« Our teams conceive, build and manage highly effective, engaging and data-centric programs. »

Highly creative, we conceive contents, customer journeys and campaign scenarios aimed at fostering the interest towards your brand, effectively engaging with your target audience and that contribute to the development of your business.

Individualisation, personalisation and contextualisation across all the interactions and all the touchpoints are the keywords that describe our proprietary « Distinctive Marketing » approach. An approach that leverage customer intelligence and new technologies to develop a profitable customer relationship.

Historically present in the B2B we have now developed a keen expertise on the retail environments across B2B et B2C.